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John Martino, M.D., fellowship-trained adult reconstructive expert at Appalachian Orthopedics, recently completed the first successful outpatient joint replacement at the newly opened Bristol Surgery Center. Dr. Martino performed an outpatient partial knee replacement, and the patient was able to return home within six hours of the operation.

Similar to traditional joint replacement, outpatient joint replacement is a procedure that replaces an affected joint with an artificial joint. However, unlike a traditional joint replacement procedure that requires patients to have at least a one-night stay in the hospital, outpatient joint replacement uses minimally invasive techniques that allow patients to go home just hours after surgery. Additional benefits of outpatient joint replacement include:

  • Allowing the patient to heal in the comfort of their own home.
  • Reduced risk of infection from the hospital environment.
  • Reduced cost due to no overnight stay.

Having undergone extensive training in joint replacement of the hip and knee, Dr. Martino specializes in partial knee replacement. He utilizes the latest leading-edge techniques to offer patients this procedure on an outpatient basis at the Bristol Surgery Center, allowing his patients to not only heal at home but also get back to their lives faster with smaller incisions.

Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, the Bristol Surgery Center is designed for outpatient surgical procedures, offering a wide range of outpatient surgeries, from orthopedics to pediatrics. It recently underwent extensive renovations to meet the needs of area patients as well as surgeons.

“People come there and spend such a short period of time and get so much done, it’s almost the wave of the future,” says Merrill Morrison, Dr. Martino’s patient and the first outpatient joint replacement patient of Bristol Surgery Center. “Everything went smoothly. By midafternoon, I was heading home. It couldn’t have been better.”

To learn more about outpatient joint replacements or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martino, please call (423) 844-6450.

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