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At Appalachian Orthopedics, we are dedicated to providing our patients with access to the latest and most advanced treatments, procedures, and techniques. That’s why we proudly offer robotic-assisted joint replacement for the hip and knee to provide patients with the specialized care they deserve and need to get back to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Having undergone extensive training, our robotic-assisted joint replacement experts specialize in performing total knee replacement using advanced robotic technology. Dr. Jonathan ClarkDr. James Goss, Dr. Gabriel Hommel, Dr. John Phillips, and Dr. T. Lisle Whitman utilize Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology, and Dr. Jason Brashear utilizes ROSA® Knee robotic technology. Both systems offer patients a multitude of benefits as well as an individualized joint replacement plan that is based on their anatomy and ensures accurate placement and alignment of the artificial joint.

To learn more about joint replacement with Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology or ROSA Knee robotic technology, please use the buttons below.

Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Partial Knee Replacement Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Hip Replacement Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee Replacement ROSA® Knee Robotic Technology